Gardening with Kids: Great Outdoor Fun!


Gardening with Kids: Great Outdoor Fun!


My goal in this blog is to connect kids with books they love. And the best way to find the right books is to look at what kids enjoy doing. One other way is to give kids experiences that create new interests.

Fostering kids’ interest in gardening is a great idea. It gets them outside and gives them experiences in watching their world grow. Growth is exciting!

Monday’s post, has lots of books about gardening. But of course, gardening is so much more than books. Gardening is about doing, and waiting, and tending, and watching, and reaping the benefits of all your doing, waiting, tending and watching.

To get you started, I’ve listed a few ideas. These are followed by several websites for even more information. Let’s get gardening!

The following tips came from Gardening with Kids from Organic Gardening. This site starts with a wonderful statement: Turn digging in the dirt into a lifetime of love and respect for nature with your children. [I originally accessed this Gardening with Kids site two years ago. It no longer seems available. But the rest of the website has lots of good information.]

These tips are for getting you started. Be sure to check the site for more ideas. It also has recommendations for easy-to-grow plants.

  • Choose a site with as much sun as possible.
  • Do not plan too large a garden.
  • Keep the garden plan simple.
  • Choose only a few varieties of plants to begin.
  • Choose plants and seeds that are appropriate for your site.
  • Choose good-quality tools that fit your young gardener’s hands.
  • Wait until the soil is moist before you try weeding. Then pull each weed gently, from its base, to remove the whole root.
  • Another option for those with limited space is to plant in containers.


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from Treehugger

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from the University of Illinois

Instructional Activities for School Gardens 

from School Garden Weekly


I do hope you will consider some sort of garden with your kids. And then please share your experiences in the Comments Box!




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