Music Activities for the Whole Family



Music Activities for the Whole Family


Monday’s book post was all about music. Today you can check out these sites. They have a ton of activities for making music part of your everyday life.


Musical Instruments

from Activity Village 

cymbals, a trumpet, a Didgeridoo…


24 Easy to Make Musical Instruments

from Kinder Art

a harp, maracas, an ocean drum…


10 Musical Activities for Kids

from Fun-a-Day

Musical Sensory Shaker Bottle, Recycled Outdoor Music Station, Giant Chalk Keyboard…


Music Crafts and Activities for Kids

from DLTK

drawing, coloring, tracing, and crafts


Music Activities for Kids

from How Stuff Works

musical spoons, soda bottle organ, mixing activity…



from Family Education

Dance and Fall Down, One Man Band, Balloon Dance…


Music Crafts

from Free Kids’ Crafts

cardboard tube guitar, finger cymbals, Australian didgeridoo…


Top Ten Toddler Tunes: Best Nursery Rhymes for Toddlers

from Let’s Play Music

includes the songs, the movements, and the tune played on a xylophone—neat site!


Nurturing Kids with Music

from Nick Jr.

gives lots of ideas for appreciating and playing music


15 Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids

from Red Ted Art

ankle bells, a water xylophone, straw pan pipes…



Lots of fun stuff to explore!


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