Weather and Literacy—Perfect Partners!


Weather and Literacy—Perfect Partners!


Weather activities offer lots of literacy opportunities. Here are some ideas:


Weather Preschool Lesson Plans

from The Activity Idea Place 

There are lots of ideas here, sorted by weather feature (rain, snow, clouds, wind…) Activities could be used for home or the classroom.


Extreme Weather Activities

from Kids Ahead 

Make a volcano, cloud, barometer…


Exploring Weather

from Exploring Weather 

Hurricanes, tornados, thunderstorms, floods… Each topic includes information, pictures, and infographics.


Weather Experiments

from Weather Whiz Kids 

Make different kinds of weather and weather instruments.


12 Weather Activities:  Explore the Weather with your Kids

from Kids Activities Blog 


Web Weather for Kids: Science Activities

from University Corporation for Atmospheric Research   

Fog in a Jar, Make Convection Currents, Make Lightning…


Weather for Kids

from Science Kids 

Experiments, games, facts, and projects


So many weather activities to try out!




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