Weather is Always with Us—Might as Well Read These Weather Books!


Weather is Always with Us—Might as Well Read These Weather Books!


I love to think about weather. It’s interesting and always changing. Here are some books all about this fascinating subject.


It’s Stormy!

by Alex Appleby

This is a nicely done very early reader. Each 2-page spread has a single sentence and a colorful illustration. It’s part of the What’s the Weather? series.



by Helen Cox Cannons

Also an early reader, each page in this book has one or two sentences and a photo showing the effects of wind. It’s part of the Weather Wise series.


Weather Robots

by Christine Zuchora-Walske

As the book says, weather robots collect data about the environment. They do it from the air, in the water, and on the ground. With clear text and illustrations, this book provides lots of interesting information.


How Come It’s Raining?

by Judith Williams

This book answers 8 questions, such as What do raindrops look like? Are clouds made of water? What happens to rain after it falls? It’s a good book for early elementary. There are 3 other books in this How Does Rain Happen? series.


Weather and Climate Through Infographics

by Rebecca Rowell, illustrated by Venitia Dean

Information covered: weather vs climate, solar power, seasons, temperature extremes, the water cycle, and more. The graphics are well done.


What Makes a Tornado Twist? and Other Questions about Weather

by Mary Kay Carson

Some of the questions: What are the three ingredients of weather? What causes the seasons? What comes first: thunder or lightning? Is Earth getting warmer? and more. Each question is answered by 2-3 paragraphs and an illustration. This book seems best for middle grade students.


Extreme Weather

by Edward Close

Extreme weather and their results are covered: tornados, hurricanes, firestorms, floods, drought… The illustrations include photos and diagrams. Good for middle grade students.



Why We have Tornados

by Linda Crotta Brennan

Told as a story about Ben and his mother, this book has good information about tornados.


Toad Weather

by Sandra Markle, illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez

Ally’s mother convinces her and her grandmother to go out in the rain for a surprise. They notice lots of things as they walk, but Mama’s surprise is the best thing. A toad migration! I really would like to see one of these!


Miss Mingo Weathers the Storm

by Jamie Harper

Miss Mingo takes her class on a hike to the weather observatory. On their way, they go through all sorts of weather: heat, hail, rain, fog… Throughout the story, there are sidebars explaining different aspects of weather. This book makes me think of the Magic School Bus series, except with animals.


What is your favorite weather? Sunny? Stormy? Snowy? Write about it in the Message Box!


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