Books to Capture the Spirit of Summer


Books to Capture the Spirit of Summer


There are so many great things about summer. Check out these books for your favorites and a few you might not have tried yet.




by Douglas Florian

This collection of summer poems captures summer perfectly. And the pictures are as good as the poems. Well done, Douglas Florian!


Ice Cream Summer

by Peter Sís

Joe is having a delicious summer. He crams in all kinds of learning but each thing involves his favorite summer treat (see title).


Keeping Cool in Summer

by Rebecca Felix

Each 2-page spread has a photo of kids in summer and 2-3 sentences. Topics covered: heat, sweat, air, water, treats. This is a level one reader.


FC9780756502447 Summer Fun

Summer Fun

by Jennifer Waters (sorry, no link)

Similar to Keeping Cool in Summer, this book has 2 short paragraphs on each 2-page spread. It covers pools, ice cream, fairs, camping, and other summer topics. The craft, Summer Rain Painting, looks really fun.



by Shutta Crum, illustrated by Patrice Barton

This nearly wordless book shows the adventures of 2 little kids at the beach. It makes you want to go the beach right now!


Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach

by Mélanie Watt

Scaredy Squirrel has his yard all set up like a perfect beach: safe water (inflatable pool), safe sun (flashlight), and safe wildlife (plastic flamingo). However he wants a perfect shell. His trip to the real beach to get a shell does not go according to plan… Scaredy Squirrel always makes me laugh.


Danitra Brown Leaves Town

by Nikki Grimes, illustrated by Floyd Cooper (sorry, no link)

It’s summer vacation, but Zuri is sad. Her best friend, Danitra Brown has gone to visit her family in the country. No problem, the two friend spend the summer exchanging letters. If you’ve ever had a friend or sibling leave you to go away to camp, you’ll understand Zuri’s feelings. This story is written in a series of poems, with beautiful illustrations.



Central Park Serenade

by Laura Godwin and Barry Root (sorry, no link)

People unfamiliar with Central Park in New York City may be surprised by what a lush and lovely park it is. Written in verse and gorgeous pictures, this book captures the wonder of New York City’s jewel.


Ben & Zip: Two Short Friends

by Joanne Linden, illustrated by Tom Goldsmith

Ben and Zip go to the beach but when a storm comes, the two get separated. Ben frantically searches for Zip. His search is marked with what someone short is bound to see: knees and bellies. This would make a great read aloud!


Hands and Hearts

by Donna Jo Napoli, illustrated by Amy Bates

A girl and her mother spend the day at the beach. They run, dance, roll, swim, and do lots of beach stuff. They communicate through sign language. Each 2-page spread has diagrams of a word to learn in sign language. Nicely done.


Pond Walk

by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Buddy and his mother go on a pond walk. Armed with a sketch pad, colored pencils, and a copy of Pond Life (see below), they are ready to explore. The story flows nicely and is filled with interesting facts.


Pond Life

by George K. Reid

This Golden Guide is perfect to take along when visiting a pond. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, well-illustrated, and has just the right amount of information.


Summer rules!




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