Summer Drama for Family Fun


Summer Drama for Family Fun


Do your kids have extra free time this summer? I hope so! Here are lots of ideas to get their creative juices going. Time to act up!


Drama Games For Kids – Teach Drama Like a Pro!

from Drama Notebook

Activities for warm-ups, ensemble building, focus and listening, imagination/creativity, movement, and characterization. Lots here!


Drama Games and Activities

from Kid Activities

There are games, dramas, and activities


Drama: Free Scripts for Kids

from Homeschooling from A to Z 

This site has a ton of resources: lots of scripts (from elementary to high school), drama activities, production tips, and even how to make fake blood!


Drama Games for Kids

from Beat by Beat Press

Games are broken down by category: Warm-up, Ensemble Building, Focus, Improv, and more. There are lots of ideas here!


Acting Games

from Stage Milk

Games are broken into categories: Getting to Know a New Group, Focus Games, Improvisation Games, Physical Exercises, Super Fun Games, and Simple Goodies. Practical tips are also included.


Readers Theatre Scripts

from Dr. Young’s Reading Room

This site has a bunch of scripts. There’s a large variety in the stories: fables, retelling of kids’ books, fairy tales. Lots of the scripts are for just a few actors.


Reader’s Theater

from Margie Palatini 

I’m a big fan of Margie Palatini’s books (The Web Files, Piggie Pie…) and so was delighted to find her site has Reader’s Theater scripts.


I hope the creative juices really fly!



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