Cookbooks for Summer Family Fun


Cookbooks for Summer Family Fun


Looking for something to do this summer? Why not cook up some tasty food? These cookbooks can give you some ideas.


Kids Cook 1-2-3

by Rozanne Gold

There is a lot to love about a cookbook in which each recipe has only 3 ingredients. I love to cook but I steer away from recipes with a long list of ingredients. I found lots of recipes here to try out. This book includes a bit of everything: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and deserts.


Pretend Soup

by Mollie Katzen

Each recipe has 2 parts. The first part has the regular recipe with a note to parents and cooking tips. The second part shows the directions in pictures. The Pretend Soup recipe is real and is an uncooked fruit soup. I’m looking forward to making it.


Children’s Quick and Easy Cookbook

by Angela Wilkes

The recipes in this cookbook have clear photographs of each step. They include snacks, meals, desserts and treats. I particularly like how the table of contents includes pictures of every recipe included. In the end, there is a picture glossary of cooking terms and techniques.


Super Simple Lunches: Easy No-Bake Recipes for Kids

by Nancy Tuminelly

No-bake is a good thing! This book starts with basic cooking instruction for skills such as chopping, dicing and grating, plus explanations of cooking tools. The recipes include wraps, salads and rollups.


The Pirate Cookbook

A Pirate Cookbook

by Sarah L. Schuette (sorry, no link)

This is a terrific cookbook for beginning cooks. The recipes are simple and the photo illustrations are clear. The recipes aren’t all that original but look quite tasty. Each has a fun pirate tie-in (a celery and tuna snack is called Sea Swords). Other titles in the series:

An Astronaut Cookbook
A Monster Cookbook

A Princess Cookbook


Easy Breakfasts from Around the World

by Sheila Griffin Llanas

This cookbook has recipes from 11 countries (Turkey, Egypt, Australia…). Each recipe is clearly written but several will need a fair amount of adult help. Other titles in the series:

Easy Lunches from Around the World
Easy Main Dishes from Around the World
Easy Snacks from Around the World

Easy Vegetarian Foods from Around the World


Cool Creepy Food Art

by Nancy Tuminelly

This book has great ideas for downright creepy-looking food: Severed Finger Pizza, Eyeball Spaghetti, Bloody Hand Punch… Who thinks up this stuff! These recipes would be perfect for a Halloween party… Other titles in the series:

Cool Cake and Cupcake Food Art
Cool Fruit and Veggie Food Art
Cool Holiday Food Art
Cool Sandwich Food Art

Cool Snack Food Art


Cool Sweets and Treats to Eat

by Lisa Wagner

This cookbook has only 8 recipes but several of them have variations that help you come up with more. They are clearly written and use only a few ingredients. I’m looking forward to trying the No-Bake Energy Bars. Other titles in the series:

Cool Cuisine for Super Sleepovers
Cool Lunches to Make & Take
Cool Meals to Start Your Wheels
Cool Pizza to Make and Bake

Cool Foods for Fun Fiestas


Make and Eat: Sandwiches and Snacks

by Susannah Blake

This cookbook has simple recipes and clear pictures in the directions. Other titles in the series:

Make and Eat: Bread and Pizzas
Make and Eat: Cookies and Cakes

Make and Eat: Vegetarian Food


Peanut Butter Party

by Remy Charlip (sorry, no link)

This author has written several successful picture books, including Fortunately. This book has several easy and clever recipes for entertaining party guests (Name Game, Art Party, Monsters You Can Eat…). It also has peanut butter history, jokes and games.

I hope you enjoy your creations!


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