Get Wet! Sprinkler Games and More!


Get Wet! Sprinkler Games and More!


Hot summer days need water—lot and lots of water! These sites have lots of ideas to help you cool off this summer.


Wild & Wacky Water Games

from Orlando Family Magazine

Diving for Treasure, Sprinkler Tug of War, Rubber Duck Race…


Sneaky Sprinkler: A Wet and Wonderful Water Game


Think freeze tag with a sprinkler


Play Sprinkler Games

from National Wildlife Federation  

Fill the Cup, Simon Says…


Sprinkler Games

from Milo

Water Olympics, Car Wash…


10 Ways to Have Fun in the Sprinkler

from Reading Confetti 

Alphabet Hunt, Sponge Relay…


What are your favorite water ways to cool down and have fun? Write them in the Comments Box!




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