Ice Cream Books for a Cool Summer!


Ice Cream Books for a Cool Summer!


July 19 is National Ice Cream Day. Makes sense, since summer is the perfect time for eating ice cream. And now, with these books, we can read about it too!



Splat the Cat: I Scream for Ice Cream

by Laura Driscoll, illustrated by Laura Driscoll

Splat and his friend, Seymour, are happy—their class is going on a field trip to an ice cream factory! Things go well at first but then they are covered with a wave of ice cream (yes, Splat is responsible). And where is Seymour? This is an I Can Read! level 1 book.


The Ice Cream Shop

by J.E. Morris

Steve is dismayed he can’t get the door open to the ice cream shop. He tries and tries. When his friend Wessley comes by, Wessley knows just how to solve the problem. And readers will no doubt figure out the problem with the door way before Wessley comes by. This is a Scholastic level 1 book.


Wemberly’s Ice-Cream Star

by Kevin Henkes

Wemberly is worried. Can she eat her ice-cream star without dripping it on her new dress? And there seems to be no ice-cream star for her toy rabbit, Petal. Wemberly may worry, but she is a first-class problem solver!


Ice Cream Larry

by Daniel Pinkwater, illustrated by Jill Pinkwater

Larry is a polar bear who lives in a hotel with his friends Mildred and her father. One day, Mildred gets a call that Larry has eaten 1/8th ton of ice cream at Cohen’s Cones. This leads to new fame for Larry and a business opportunity. A fun story!


Ice Cream Soup

by Ann Ingalls, illustrated by Richard Watson

A boy sets out to make an ice cream cake. He knows just what to do: fill a big blue bowl with lots and lots of ice cream. Does he make an ice cream cake? Not exactly. This is a Penguin Young Readers level 1 book.


I Like Ice Cream

I Like Ice Cream 

by Robin Pickering (sorry, no link)

In this early reader book, each 2-page spread has a photo and 2-3 sentences about ice cream.



Ice Cream

Ice Cream

by Jules Older, illustrated by Lyn Severance (sorry, no link)

This colorful and informative book is divided into 3 sections: Making It (ice cream making basics and factory ice cream), Great Moments in Ice Cream History (and illustrated timeline), What Do You Know about Ice Cream? (ice cream trivia). Lots of good information here!



Ice Cream

by Elisha Cooper (sorry, no link)

This book starts with cows, grass, farms, milking…all the way to the ice cream factory…and on to delivery. I really like the illustrations.


From Milk to Ice Cream

by Stacy Taus-Bolstad

Like the Cooper book above, this book follows the ice cream process from farm to factory. Each 2-page spread has a short paragraph and a photo. It’s part of the Start to Finish series.


The Scoop on Ice Cream!

by Bonnie Williams, illustrated by Scott Burroughs

The chapter titles show what’s covered: The Origins of Ice Cream, Almost Modern History, The Scoop on Scoops—Cones, Sundaes, and More, and Ice Cream Today. This is a Ready-To-Read level 3 book.


Gotta love ice cream!





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