Oliver Jeffers: Master of Story and Illustration


Oliver Jeffers: Master of Story and Illustration


I am a BIG Oliver Jeffers fan. His stories are clever and often a bit outrageous. His illustrations are wonderful and need to be experienced.


The Great Paper Caper

Tree branches keep disappearing from the forest and paper airplanes are left in their place. The forest creatures investigate to find out why. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this book. And every time I find something new that makes me laugh.



The trouble started when Floyd’s kite got stuck in a tree. He threw his shoe at the kite, trying to knock it down, but the shoe got stuck. He threw up a number of other, fairly sensible things to knock out the kite and shoe. No luck. Then he threw things that were definitely less sensible… This is an absurdly funny book!


Up and Down

A penguin has one big wish—to fly like a bird, since after all, he has wings. His best friend tries to help him but he’s not successful. Then, he finds the perfect opportunity. But when he goes off to give it a try, he loses sight of his best friend. Will he fly? Will he find his friend? This is a great story of friendship, boosted by wonderful illustrations.
Also about this boy: The Way Back Home, How to Catch a Star, Lost and Found


The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Henry loves books. That is, he loves to eat books. And the more he eats, the smarter he gets (don’t try this at home). But then Henry starts feeling sick and all his knowledge gets mixed up. I’m guessing you will figure out how Henry solves his problem before he does…


This Moose Belongs to Me

Wilfred owns a moose, Marcel, and he teaches Marcel all the rules for being a good pet. Marcel doesn’t always follow the rules, but things still work out okay. Until someone else says Marcel is her pet. This is a great book about ownership. Do we ever really own another being?


The Hueys in The New Sweater

There are Hueys, lots and lots of Hueys. And the thing about Hueys is they all look the same and they all do the same things. But one day, one of the Hueys knits himself a sweater. Now he is different. At first, the others don’t like the new look, but then, one by one, they all adopt it. So, they are all the same again, until…
More books about the Hueys: The Hueys in It Wasn’t Me! and The Hueys in None the Number


The Heart and the Bottle

There is a girl who is curious about everything. She and and her father love to talk about all the wondrous things of the world. But then her father dies. The girl decides the best thing to do is to put her heart in a bottle. This is a wonderful story of loving and losing someone you love. It has a perfect ending.


The Day the Crayons Quit

by Drew Drywalt, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers
Poor Duncan, all he wants to do is color. But first he has to read all the complaining letters from each of his crayons. Some say Duncan uses them too much or too little. Some are fighting or don’t like his coloring. What is poor Walt going to do? Clever book!
Good News! The sequel, The Day the Crayons Came Home, is coming out in August, 2015!


Once Upon an Alphabet

Each letter of the alphabet has its own short story. And in true Jeffers fashion, many of the stories are out there. At times, they make me think of Roald Dahl. This is a great book for alphabet enjoyment well past preschool. And a great book to inspire your own alphabet stories.


Do you have a favorite Oliver Jeffers book? Write about it in the Comments Box!





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