Science and Summer: Perfect Partners


Science and Summer: Perfect Partners


It’s the end of July so it must be time for my annual Summer Science post. Yay!

One of the beautiful things about summer is that in summer you tend to have more unscheduled time to do stuff. Stuff like wondering, nosing around, and trying things out. In other words, it give you time for scientific thinking, exploring, and doing.

Although science is important in its own right, it’s also a wonderful tool for boosting literacy skills. Science has lots going for it:

  • prompts questions and sends you to books
  • is engaging and can stretch time engaged in learning
  • prompts questions and makes you want to learn more
  • invites writing: observations, cool facts, questions…
  • prompts sharing and conversation: Look what I just found! Listen to this, I just read…

You could start with Monday’s post on science books. The links below can be a good place to start, too. Each site offers a ton of ideas in all sorts of science topics. Explore! Experiment! Create!


Growing Readers! Literacy in the Sciences

from Reading Rockets

This site offers a long list of Literacy in the Sciences Tip Sheets, including:

  • Outdoor Explorations
  • Steps of the Scientific Process
  • STEM Tools at Home
  • Making Predictions
  • Taking Measurements
  • Recording Observations: Journals and Field Notes
  • Recording Observations: Capturing and Sharing Images
  • and lots more



Offers a wide range of topics: scientists, plants, animals, space…


ZoomSci: Mix Hot Science with Your Cool Ideas!

from PBSKids

This site offers activities in chemistry, engineering, the 5 senses, force and energy, life science, patterns, sound, structures, and water.




Amusement parks, infrared zoos, Leonardo da Vinci…


Science Activities and Experiments


This site offers activities the 5 senses, simple experiments, colors, physical science, earth and space science, life science, plants, animals and the earth, weather and seasons, nature activities, chemistry, and environmental science.


Science for Kids

from Science Kids

There are science facts, experiments, games, quizzes, and more science fun.


24 Kids’ Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy, Too

from BuzzFeed DIY

Projects include making transparent eggs, a lava lamp, dancing oobleck, and more.


Science Activities for Kids

from Kid Pointz

There are 47 activities that can be sorted by grade level.



Summer is the perfect time to engage in science activities and explorations. Give it a try!



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