Camping Books That Will Lead to Family Fun


Camping Books That Will Lead to Family Fun


Summer is a great time to go camping, and so is fall. Here is a great bunch of books to get you started.



Camp Rex

by Molly Idle

Rex and friends go camping. They follow a great set of tips to make the most of their trip. But perhaps their real-life experiences (as shown in the illustrations) are a bit wilder than the tame tips. This would be a great book to read aloud–first just the text and then again, while looking at the illustrations.


Flo & Wendell Explore

by William Wegman

Flo and Wendell go camping. They have lots of camping adventures and help each other out along the way. The text has funny parts and the illustrations are unusual, just like all of Wegman’s work.


Boris Sees the Light

by Andrew Joyner

Boris invites two friends over to camp in his backyard. They have a great time at first but a scary light in the backyard has them all spooked. What will they do now?


Sleepless Knight 

by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, and Alexis Frederick-Frost 

This is a graphic novel. The Knight packs up his horse, Edward, and off they go camping. But where is Teddy? Knight goes off to find Teddy and is led to a cave by a helpful (sort of) rabbit. There is a bear in the cave, but it’s not Teddy. The Knight escapes, but he still can’t find Teddy. Maybe Edward knows where Teddy is? The end papers have instructions on how to draw each of the characters.




by Julie K. Lundgren

This basic book covers exploring, getting ready, setting up camp, the camp kitchen, and camp safety. It’s part of the Fun Sports for Fitness series.



by Robyn Hardyman
This book covers more ground than the previous one. Chapters: Plan Your Trip, Get the Gear, Nature Watch, Fun After Dark, and 9 more. It’s part of the Adventures in the Great Outdoors series.
Similar books to check out:
Camping for Fun! by Jana Voelke Studelska
Camping for Kids by Melanie A. Howard


Fire and Cooking

by Neil Champion

There’s information here for new and experienced campers. Chapters: Fire Basics, Preparing a Fire, Stay in Control, Cooking Methods, Making Utensils, and 8 more. It’s part of the Survive Alive series.


Camp Out! The Ultimate Kid’s Guide

by Lynn Brunelle

With 376 pages, this is a big book. The pages are well balanced with information, pictures, and clear diagrams. Use this book to find out about gear (lots of choices), setting up camp (several options), food (great ideas), skills (tying knots, navigating…), weather, experiments, projects, games, and more. Clear enough for beginners and chock full of stuff for more experienced campers.


Camping is definitely fun!



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