Camping with Kids


Camping with Kids

Summer is a great time for camping. And even though summer is winding down, lots of families continue camping through the fall. For your best camping trip ever, here are some sites with outstanding information about camping with kids.


What You Need to Know About Camping With Kids

from Reserve America

Includes advice and tips for getting ready to camp and for when you are at the campsite.


Camping with Your Kids

from Love the Outdoors

Includes information for what to do before the camping trip and how to get the most fun out of your camping experience. The rest of the site has lots of other camping information.


The 9-Step Guide to Camping With Kids

from Real Simple

Advice includes picking the perfect spot, keeping safe, and lots of other information.


Kids and Camping

from REI

There are tips for making practice runs, planning, going on the actual camping trip, and more.


10 Tips for Camping with Kids

from Women’s Adventure Magazine

Lots of simple ideas for making your camping trip successful.


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