Just in Time for Labor Day: Books about Occupations


Just in Time for Labor Day:

Books about Occupations


Labor Day in on September 7 this year. Do you ever think about jobs you might enjoy? Here are books with all sorts of ideas!


I Can Be Anything

by Jerry Spinelli, illustrated by Jimmy Liao

Pumpkin grower, dandelion blower, puddle stomper, apple chomper, the list goes on… Fun!


Jobs People Do

by Thea Feldman

This is a level 1 Kingfisher reader. Each page has 1-3 sentences about a profession (teacher, mail carrier, grocer…) and a colorful photo of people showing the profession.


I Want to be a Police Officer

by Dan Liebman (sorry, no link)

This basic book is written at a second grade level. Its pages have large photos of police officers at work and 1-2 sentences explaining the photos. It would make a good read aloud for younger children.  Other jobs covered in this series: cowboy, firefighter, pilot, doctor, and vet.


Work: An Occupational ABC

by Kellen Hatanaka

Lots of different occupations here! Aviator, Detective, K-9 Officer, Naval architect, Umpire, Wedding singer… The only words are the occupations themselves, with outstanding illustrations showing diversity.


Community Helpers from A to Z

by Bobbie Kalman

Each letter shows one job or type of job (Agricultural workers, Business people, Kitchen staff, Nurse, Service industry workers…). There are photos of people doing their jobs and a paragraph describing what they do.


Unusual and Awesome Jobs Using Science

by Jennifer Wendinger

So what science jobs exist outside the lab? Cave diver, Hollywood animal trainer, food taster, and more. This Edge Book series includes other titles: Unusual and Awesome Jobs in Sports, Unusual and Awesome Jobs Using Math, and Unusual and Awesome Jobs Using Technology.



by Keith Baker

This is an ABC book with an occupations theme. Each letter shows one or more jobs people do. Or rather, jobs that peas do (who knew peas had jobs?). We’re acrobats, artists and astronauts in space. We’re builders, bathers, bikers in a race.


Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do

by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook, illustrated by Andy Robert Davies

First read (and see) the clues (Oven mitts, apron, recipe for stew. Puffy hat and whisk. What job does he do?). Turn the page and see the person at work. Clever concept!


Steady Hands: Poems about Work

by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, illustrated by Megan Halsey and Sean Addy

There are poems for fisherman, welder, surgeon, dog walker, filmmaker, and 31 more occupations. The illustrations are a fun combination of paintings and photos.


Labor Day is all about people and the work they do. Be sure to thank a worker on Labor Day!






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